National Center for Access to Justice

Relationship to Fordham Law School and Other Law Schools

The National Center for Access to Justice ( is the non-partisan law and policy organization that relies on data to achieve justice system reform on behalf of vulnerable people in both the civil and criminal justice systems. NCAJ is a free-standing 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, with funding from individuals, charitable organizations, and corporations. 

NCAJ welcomes to its work all students interested in access to justice. Students who are interested in volunteering and working at NCAJ should send an email to David Udell, Opportunities include independent study, school-year internships, summer fellowships, and post-graduate fellowships. Students can join policy reform reform initiatives, seek supervision for papers and notes, help convene conferences, and support NCAJ’s data and tech projects. NCAJ partners with journals on symposia and other events.

NCAJ enjoys a special relationship with Fordham Law School in New York City. NCAJ is based at Fordham, where David Udell, NCAJ’s executive director, also serves as a co-chair of Fordham’s school-wide Access to Justice Initiative, with fellow co-chairs Matthew Diller (dean of the law school) and Jonathan Lippman (former chief judge of the NYS Unified Court System). NCAJ staff regularly partner on and contribute to initiatives carried out within Fordham by students, professors, and staff.

Staff of NCAJ are available to speak with audiences in law schools and in other settings about the access to justice reform movement.


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