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The Justice Index is live on-line at! Read initial news coverage of The Justice Indexhere! and latest coverage, here! Check out experts’ opinions about The Justice Indexhere!

The National Center for Access to Justice is dedicated to achieving reform that helps people obtain justice in the courts.

We rely on our courts to secure the rule of law: to halt domestic violence, stop unlawful foreclosures, preserve the unity of families, obtain wages owed to employees, and in some circumstances to block unfair criminal proceedings. 

But, too often, people cannot get into court, receive attention from a court, obtain essential interpretation and representation, and secure a just result. In civil cases, 80% of the legal needs of the poor are unmet. In criminal cases, people unable to afford a lawyer are entitled to receive free counsel, but only the poorest obtain it, often it is late, and in many communities its quality is impaired.

To empower people to secure the protection of the rule of law — whether to halt domestic violence, stop unlawful foreclosures and evictions, preserve family unity, claim wages and other employment protections, challenge unfair criminal prosecutions, and more — the National Center for Access to Justice (“NCAJ”) works to make our courts more accessible and fair.

In current  initiatives, NCAJ is conducting research and promoting best practices for access to justice in The Justice Index; working to strengthen law student pro bono service, and carrying out research on new models of legal assistance to help narrow the justice gap. Here are the questions for NCAJ’s 2015 Justice Index research initiative.

To learn more about NCAJ’s mission and activities, see About NCAJ.