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Taking Stock of the Civil Legal Aid Movement in the US — A Year End Memo, 2015

Across the United States and around the world people seek civil access to justice to resolve problems that threaten their homes, jobs, savings, custody of their children, even their physical safety and lives. They seek it also to resolve pressing challenges in their communities that may concern the stability of neighborhoods, the availability of medical care, the reliability of public benefits, and more — sometimes even the quality of the justice system, itself. But, what is access to justice? And what is the civil legal aid movement that is seeking to increase access to justice in the United States and around the world? To take stock of the civil legal aid movement in 2015, project its course in 2016, and provide hypertext links to its key resources, we offer this year-end outline of leading civil legal aid reform initiatives to increase civil access to justice in the United States.

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