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The Justice Index is Covered in State News Stories, Following Revisions in November 2014

We have gathered, below, a set of recent news stories covering revisions made by NCAJ to The Justice Index in November 2014.  After publishing the initial version of The Justice Index in February 2014, NCAJ had invited submission of suggestions for revisions and corrections, and ultimately received requests from stakeholders in 21 states. A team of lawyers from Skadden Arps law firm, serving pro bono, provided support to NCAJ to review and revise the data.  The news stories are sorted in three categories:

I.          Editorials and Analysis

Equal Justice Also Means Equal Access – My Journal Courier (IL)

Kentucky among worst state- WFPL (KY)

Some Observations on the Recently Updated Justice Index – Richard Zorza’s

II.        General News Coverage

Connecticut ranks No. 1 among states in how well court serves the public – Star Tribune (CT)

‘Justice Index’ puts Kentucky courts near bottom in nation for servic –

Connecticut courts rank highest for access – New Haven Register

Illinois ranks 49th for how court system serves disadvantaged – State Journal Register (IL)

State’s access to court ranks lowest in US – Oklahoma News

Hawaii came in well – West Hawaii Today

III.       Disability News Coverage

States Ranked According to Access for Disability – Autism Daily Newscast

States Ranked on Court Accessibility – Disability Scoop

More coverage of The Justice Index findings is likely, especially in states that have not yet been the focus of stories.  NCAJ would welcome email inquiries to about ways to rely on The Justice Index as a resource for educating reporters (and others) about the importance of civil legal aid and access to justice.

NCAJ also continues to welcome suggestions for future revisions to The Justice Index.  While we are unable to make more changes to the findings in The Justice Index at this time, we are planning NCAJ’s next rounds of research for The Justice Index in 2015, and we are eager to receive all communications that can help to strengthen The Justice Index.

For more information, please visit The Justice Index, itself, at  Please also see our recent blog post announcing the revisions of November 2014.

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