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Length of a Bail Hearing in North Dakota: 3 minutes

In his January 9, 2013 State of the Judiciary speech, North Dakota Chief Justice Gerald VandeWalle said:

“I read recently that the average doctor’s appointment is scheduled for 15 minutes. No one can question the value of having enough time to explain things to your doctor and giving the doctor adequate time to make a diagnosis. But, 15 minutes is a luxury when it comes to the average court hearing. Fifteen minutes is 5 minutes longer than the average protection order hearing and 5 times longer than the average bail hearing. One of our newly elected judges has been observing proceedings in various courts and has dubbed this as ‘conveyor-belt justice.'”

The Chief Justice blamed the short hearing time on a shortage of judges and court staff, and asked the legislature to provide funding to increase both.

Access to Justice Fact of the Day (Jan. 25, 2013)