National Center for Access to Justice


The Justice Index – Latest News

Latest news about the The Justice Index, the new online resource created by the National Center for Access to Justice that relies on data and findings to help increase access to justice in state based justice systems, includes the following:…
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Justice Index Revised Findings Finalized Nov. 21, 2014

News:  The National Center for Access to Justice revised The Justice Index,, on November 13, 2014 to reflect additional research and to respond to comments and corrections received from officials and others in 21 states following its initial publication on…
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Robosigning, Unbundling, and Underfunded Indigent Defense

What do robosigning, unbundled legal services, and underfunded indigent defense have in common?  They are all examples of attorneys engaged in something less than full representation.  A new article by National Center for Access to Justice Deputy Director Laura Abel, published in…
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